Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Already?

I am not quite sure how it got to be August 31st already.  I could swear just yesterday I was looking forward to the weeks of hot sunny weather a normal NJ summer brings; now I am planning out my fall wardrobe and waiting for the return of "school is in" early morning traffic.

The past few weeks have been busy which I guess is why it seems time is flying by.  I have committed to running the Marine Corps Marathon with my brother and friend Jess on Halloween.  So, yes in eight short weeks I'll once again do that crazy 26.2 mile run.  (Note emphasis on "crazy"!)  Training has begun and we are up to 16 miles for our long runs.  Yes, training sucks up a lot of time.

Speaking of training my tri season has come to an end, capped off nicely with me taking home the above pictured souvenir from the inaugural Asbury Park SheRox event.   Greg and I had a fabulous weekend "down at the shore" - thankfully I was not cognizant of the fact that the water I was swimming through for the swim leg of my tri felt like tapioca due to the multitudes of jellyfish, and the beautiful homes of Deal distracted me from registering the miles I pedaled on my bike.  We had wonderful meals at places like Moonstruck, The Boards, Stella Marina and Avenue.  Asbury Park, Long Branch, and Ocean Grove have come a long way since the days of my late teens and early 20's when we would not even stop in town on our way to the beach due to fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The weekend was hot and sunny, the beaches packed with Snooki and Situation wanna-bes, the boardwalk full of folks strolling along desperate for an ocean breeze, and in late evening the moon rose up over the ocean a brilliant red-orange orb that slowly faded to rose then to white providing a spectacular show over the water.  Ah summer - how I hate to see you go!

As much as I hate for summer to end, I do admit to truly enjoying the fall.  I love the crisp air and seeing the riot of colors that autumn brings to the trees.  I love wearing sweaters and the smell of the first fire being stoked in neighborhood fireplaces.  September brings many great events - the Komen Race for the Cure, the 2010 Reach the Beach Relay, and the season finale of True Blood. I have one more visit to my oncologist for my final Zometa infusion and that should be it for doctor visits for the year. When I look back at the summer of 2010 I'll recall the incredible weather I had while staying on the Cape; diving through the waves at the Jersey Shore; and the birth of our newest neighbor Sofia Isis Jones.  Surgery seems so long ago, my incision scars are slowly fading from an angry red to light pink, and I have no need to return to the Cancer Center until next year.  Until then I have training to do, holidays and birthdays to celebrate, places to go and people to see - so, "so long summer", I am sure my longing for you will hit just around say March... 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Follow up

It is a gloomy Monday morning and I am getting ready to make the trek into NYC to visit my doctor - well, one of my doctors!  It has been seven weeks since my surgery so I am hopeful she will tell me that I am finally healing as I should, that my stitches have dissolved and that I will not need to see her again until next year. 

I'll be heading back to the NYU Cancer Center in only another two weeks for my mammogram.  This excursion of course brings a certain amount of anxiety to my life.  For the next few days I cannot help but recall the mammogram that started the need for this blog.  Yes, I am thankful my cancer was caught, removed, treated.  I am thankful that we have technology that allows this sort of diagnosis to no longer be a death sentence and every year treatment options get better.  Still, I will have butterflies and restless sleep until I get the "all clear" that day.

Thankfully we had a wonderful weekend - dinner with friends Friday evening to kick it off; a glorious Saturday sunny and cool on which we attended an open water swim clinic on Lake Hopatcong (well, that was only me) my 25th (OMG!) high school reunion, our neighbor's 2nd birthday and a lake celebration with friends.  All said I was still in bed before ten but guess my body needed the sleep as I missed my Sunday morning cycling date.  I ended up swimming laps and running ten miles in the rain with my brother. I'll see what the doctor says this morning about how this body of mine is healing and make my decision.  I best get going as Monday morning traffic is never good!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Long and The Short of It

It has been an interesting summer so far.  We are in the home stretch: the hot and humid days of August have arrived and the days grow shorter.  Tomorrow marks six weeks post surgery for me.  I feel pretty good but have not healed as quickly as I would have liked.  I still have my stitches, doing ab work is not yet a good thing and I had to skip a triathlon last weekend because I was still experiencing some "side effects" of healing - I will not go into graphic detail but suffice to say my body was readily telling me I was in no shape to swim/bike/run.

Well, that was last week.  I am going to try  again - or is that "tri again"? This weekend brings the Pequannock Tri, a shorter distance tri and one I think manageable.  I say this as I prepare to go practice an open water swim at 9pm with my brother.  Hmm - this should prove interesting.  At least no one will see me struggle in and out of my wetsuit! 

Our kitchen renovation is complete, again I ask myself why I have these types of projects completed while I am home dealing with a complex disease.  In 2008 while in the throes of chemotherapy we had the cabin sandblasted and restained.  I stayed at my mom's.  This go around we ripped down walls, cabinets, the works.  I stayed at my mom's, my dad's and my in-laws.  It is good to have family both nearby and those who live in a summer vacation spot!

While convalescing after surgery and awaiting the dreaded results phone call I decided that if I indeed was going to face chemotherapy once again, I was going to go long first.  Hence the photo above.  Extensions were fun but very hot.  I feel much lighter without them but plan on having them againn soon - perhaps in the cold winter months.

Much to look forward to during these dog days of summer: I'll be seeing the Adams Family on Broadway, visiting with my friend Patrice who is coming to town from Missouri, I'll be honored by the Komen NYC Race for the Cure for once again being one of the top 100 fundraisers - this time for 2009; my 25th (gasp!) high school reunion is being held nearby, I have tickets to Tears fro Fears with Jess and hope to participate in the SheRox Triathlon at the end of the month.  Whew!  I best go hit the lake!!!