Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

I compare the month of April to one big carnival ride... incredibly fun, a bit wild, and leaves you a bit dizzy...the month kicked off with the culmination of the ESI-Medco merger.  All I can say is: wow.  Change is always what you make of it although I will not lie, it was difficult to drive out of the office complex and see the Medco letters laying on the ground as our building gained new branding.  For twelve years I had been a Medco employee so it has taken a while for Express Scripts to roll off of my tongue.  I am extremely hopeful that this new mega healthcare provider can truly impact the US system regardless of what may happen to the Affordable Care Act.

I'll be better equipped to embrace the latest and greatest in healthcare issues come the end of the summer as I finish my MS in Health Communications.  It is simply amazing how quickly classes have flown by.  Even more amazing are my fellow classmates; what an amazing bunch of folks from professions across the healthcare spectrum!  Look out world - here comes a newly minted crowd of health communicators, and Terriers at that!

Greg, Neo, and I spent Easter on the Cape and I once again attended the Coachella Music Festival.  Suddenly next week May begins and I only just realized that the anniversaries of my cancer diagnosis and surgery passed without nary a mention by me.  Distracted?  Maybe.  Moving on with life?  Definitely!