Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebrating Freedom

Yes it is already July and everywhere towns are celebrating our country's independence by hosting elaborate firework displays.  The photo attached here is from Pequannock Township's 2011 show which I attended lat night.  Myself, I am also celebrating freedom - I just finished my third class for my MS program and have off until July 5th!  (Thankfully I got the A I worked through the weekends for!)

Greg and I will also be saying goodbye to the freedom we currently enjoy due to having no commitments at home - i.e. a pet.  On Tuesday July 5th we will bring home Neo, our 8 week old black lab puppy.  We are excited and nervous and already arguing over who will be walking him... more to come once we actually have him here!

I have agreed to be the captain for my company's Komen NYC Race for the Cure 2011.  Join us on September 18th!  The more the merrier!  I received the great news that I will no longer need Zometa; clinical studies just have not panned out.  I also received the great news that I have been selected to have my portrait photographed by a well known professional photographer to be placed in of Komen NYC's Survivor Series. I have decided to be photographed with a mammography machine.  Sounds weird right?  I was allowed to pick absolutely any setting and since I just think it is so important to get the message out there that women not need be afraid of the machine - hell, I love that thing, it saved my life - it just seemed like the pose to do! (I will not be having a mammogram - don't worry mom - no topless shots!) A mammogram also caught a very early cancer in a dear friend so again I am thankful to that big hunk of metal.  If I get a copy I can share, I'll post the result!

Like I said, it is July - already....  with my 4th class, two triathlons on my calendar,and a new puppy I am sure this month will fly by as quickly as June did.  I am doing my best to be mindful of the beautiful days and get out to row as often as I can.  Happy Birthday America - I'll be donning red, white and blue in your honor this weekend!