Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snow Insurance

I must have been a good girl this year as Santa brought me everything I asked for.  (Well, except for world peace, food for all those who are hungry, and the eradication of cancer...maybe next year!)  All in all it was a  wonderful holiday, albeit exhausting, but wonderful none the less. Greg (aka Santa) and I did our normal running around but this year I just could not hit all the gatherings we had been invited to as my broken hand and school left me woefully behind on holiday cheer.  In fact I was so far behind, my nephew Aaron even helped me wrap presents.  I love that kid!  So my apologies to anyone who did not receive a holiday card from us - that was one thing that fell by the wayside.

Anyhow the photo above is of my fave present, the limited edition pink snowshoes made by Tubbs.  I have now guaranteed we will not have snow this year!  Seriously, it has been weirdly warm here; ( not that I am not complaining!) but I am hoping for snow by January 21st 2012.  On that day, I will once again join the Romp to Stomp here in NJ.  This is a great event held at Mountain Creek - a 5K snowshoes race to benefit the Komen Foundation.  Why not join us?  You can register here or even sponsor me: Romp to StompI participated in the race last year as part of a  team started by a former coworker of mine who lost his wife to breast cancer.  My niece Hayden, my sister-in-law Christine and my friend Jess all "stomped" too.  It was a most awesome day and I look forward to having another wonderful day again!

I finished Biology of Disease with a hard earned "A", giving me a pretty perfect first year at B.U.  I'll walk in May for graduation and actually finish up classes in the early summer.  To say I am looking forward to completing this degree would be an understatement.  I have met many wonderful people and do look forward to corresponding with them again come January but have to admit, having the evenings free to read whatever I want, catch up housework, etc. is quite nice!

As I head into another new year, I look back at 2011 with mixed emotions.  We had many great times with family and friends and even gained a new member of our family:  our black lab, Neo. I finally got to go to Coachella. We were lucky enough to visit Alaska.  Greg landed a new gig with the film department at MSU.  I participated in many races, had another great Komen NYC walk and was selected to be in their Survivor Portrait gallery.  However, we also were faced with the loss of Greg's sister Laura, the breast cancer diagnosis of two close family friends, the career limbo I face daily in the wake of the ESI/Medco merger announcement, and the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  A crazy year indeed.  

2012 will bring me to the 4 year mark in survivorship.  (I am planning one major blowout party in 2013 to celebrate 5 years, stay tuned!)  I'll kick off the year on New Year's Day with a five mile run followed by a dunk. Yes, that means a swim.  Yes, on New Year's Day.  In the ocean.  No, I am not crazy. I have done the Tough Mudder... 'nough said.  I'll get through my final four classes.  I'll complete the BAE Half Marathon trilogy, do a tri here and there and maybe even run the NYC marathon again if I get in via lottery. The job thing - I'll wait and see.  We hope to spend many days with friends and family.  My annual round of doctor visits starts January 10th with labwork.  My resolution for 2012?  Hmm, that is a tough one.  I think I just might leave it at getting through school without pulling my hair out (since it took me long enough to get it back!) and to be sure to take the time to stop and appreciate this gift of life and all the joys it brings.    Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Somehow seven weeks snuck by without much notice by me.  Thankfully I am finished with classes for the year and have a few weeks to catch up on life again.  So, my apologies to those who have not yet received Christmas cards or a phone call in a while.  I am hopeful the big man in the red suit will deliver the gifts my loved ones want or I am in big trouble having not yet hit the shops...

I should be honest and admit to a few stolen moments such as the 2011 Reindeer Run I participated in with my niece Hayden.  We dressed alike without knowing it and enjoyed the scenic 5K route through some beautiful neighborhoods in Franklin Lakes, NJ.  I had a wonderful birthday dinner with friends at Ninety Acres.  Yes, another birthday celebrated for which I am thankful.  Seems my big health issue of 2011 would be my currently broken hand, a running injury if you can believe it! ( I tripped and caught my fingers in a fence fracturing my knuckles - OUCH!!!)

I had breakfast with my 88 year old grandfather who is back from sunny Florida to celebrate the holidays.  I am thankful each and every time we get to spend time together.  I continue to run when I can, play as much as possible with our now 7 month old "puppy", and try not to worry about what 2012 may bring other than my graduation in May, my brother Nick's wedding in August and the 4 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. 

This year has been a tough one with many friends battling the beast that is breast cancer.  I wish for them nothing more than the gift of hope this Christmas and the return of good health in 2012.  Me, well, all I really want for Christmas is the same - good health and good times with my family and friends.  Oh, and some pink snowshoes too please...

Enjoy the holidays, whatever it is you may celebrate.  Embrace those you love and tell them that you do. Many thanks to all who continue to support me in this thing called life - you are the greatest gift of all.  ENJOY!!!