Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well, I am not quite sure where September went...  we kicked off the month in Alaska and ended it in Maine.  In between we tried to make sense of the loss of Laura, one of Greg's older sisters; dealt with the mess Irene left behind at my grandfather's house in Pompton Plains; tried to give our quickly growing puppy the attention he so craves; of course there is work and things around the house to be done... oh, and did I mention my ethics class with the requirement of a paper a week?  I guess that explains how I can sit here and flip my calendar to October first.

October is breast cancer awareness month.  As I write this, one friend has just started chemo; another is awaiting the results from her biopsy.  Yet another has been told her cancer has moved to her spine.  While I am not a fan of products just jumping on the bandwagon, the fact that at least something is being done to try to rid this world of the disease impacting so many, I ask you to consider buying that fruit or chips or duct tape (yes, even duct tape!) bearing the pink ribbon.  On my Facebook page, I'll be posting my "31 days of pinkified items".  I hope one day that pink ribbon represents the memory of something we no longer have to fight and those who lost the battle throughout the years.  Myself, I am three years out and doing well.  I'll wear pink this month even if it is not my best color.