Friday, April 8, 2011

Three years goes by fast

So yesterday came and went like any other normal Thursday.  It did not hit me until I was trying to go to sleep last night and found myself unable, that to that I realized that April 7, 2011 marked the three year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis.  It was a milestone of a day that changed my life forever and I did not even register it until I was comparing my current sleepless state to that I experienced while going through treatment due to the various effects my medications were having on me as well as all the variations of emotions I would experience on a daily basis such as anger, sadness, despair, and their polar opposites, hope, happiness, etc. I take it as a good sign that I just went about my day without focusing on the past.

However, there is still much to be done in the fight against breast cancer.  I have attached the link to a documentary that speaks quite eloquently to the cause.  Every 69 seconds somewhere in the world a woman will die of breast cancer.  Think about that - every sixty nine seconds...

1 a minute

P.S. To Joan who posted a comment to my blog a while back - yes, KM is the same KM you went to college with!  She asked if you could contact her via Facebook or send me your e-mail address as I cannot see it from your post!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Whoa! What happened to that month???!!!

I am in denial that it is already April 4th. How the heck did that happen? I swear I just posted my happiness over completing my 1st class and being able to breathe. So where did those 30 days go to?

Well, for starters, my 2nd class, Nutrition, started. Back to the Friday and Saturday evenings spent in from of my computer. I finally (after only 20 years) made it out to St. Louis to visit my friend Patrice and see her lovely home, meet her dogs, spend time with her and her husband. It was a great trip but over far too soon! Throw in a few days of business travel, some final snow days, and planning for my upcoming Coachella trip not to mention the fact that triathlon training season has officially begun and dragon boat practice starts next week... I guess I am once again a bit under water.

Thankfully, I can say that I made it through March without a major health issue! Woohoo! I am just shy of the three year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis. Amazing - some days it seems like yesterday, others like another lifetime all together. I have one more Zometa infusion to go which that will be in July. I am already planning my "Made it to 5 years" celebration - it will be quite the blow-out, as everyone knows there is nothing I enjoy more than to host a great party! (It will be December 2013 if you would like to mark your calendar!)

And since we don't have that much going on (and there is a bridge I can get you a really good deal on...), Greg and I are considering once again opening our hearts to a dog. While I know that no puppy can replace our Tacoma, I do miss having a dog. So, the search is on... stay tuned! Happy Spring everyone - take time to notice the glorious changes going on around you: trees are beginning to bud, crocus, hyacinths, and daffodils are surfacing here in NJ and of course - the bears are back!!!