Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's May! Oh,'s June!!!

Anyone know what happened to the month of May?  Last I knew it was the end of April and I was looking forward to a May filled with great events, a Florida trip with friends, graduation, a holiday weekend on Cape Cod and "BAM" June it is!  I have passed a few "four year" milestones - my diagnosis and surgery and the beginning of chemo.  The five year marker is now in sight and I am hopeful, nah, strike that, I am confident, I'll be sitting here in April 2013 unable to comprehend how fast five years can come and go. This time, I will never be so happy to have aged five years, to join the group of stats that are "post five years"; we have more than one friend battling the beast this year and it serves as a constant reminder to me of just how grateful I am for every morning I wake up no matter how tired and grouchy I may be!

I cannot complain about the days flying by as it is better than watching the hours tick by.  I am thankful to be busy, to still be running, to be gainfully employed, to have great friends and a great family. Summer 2012 brings time on Cape Cod, the impending birth of a dear college friend's first child,  the Tanglewood 75th anniversary show, lots of swimming for my dog Neo, the Jersey Girl triathlon, a few pre-season games to see Big Blue, Tough Mudder training with my husband, and will wrap up with my youngest brother Nick's wedding.  I am sure I'll be sitting here come September and wondering where the heck summer went!