Monday, August 1, 2011

Puppy Love

August 1st already.  Where oh where is the summer going to?  Well, as far I can tell it has been creeping by silently as I spend my days smitten with a new man... yes, I have a new love and his name is Neo. No, I am not fantasizing about Keanu Reeve's character from the Matrix (although I would not turn him away...); no, my Neo is the adorable black lab pup you see in the photo above.  Greg and I brought him home on July 6th and since them, well, life has not been the same.  Perhaps it is the lack of sleep, the constant sound of "No Bite!" reverberating across the house, or maybe it is the way he snuggles up against one of us and falls asleep but we have fallen and fallen hard.  He has us wrapped around his puppy tail and knows it.

I am not complaining, we knew raising a puppy would be a lot of work. Throw in summer classes, some vacations, the normal daily routine of jobs and PRESTO!  It is August 1st and I am in denial that fall is just around the corner.  I best keep this brief - I have homework to do....  enjoy the rest of your summer!