Friday, May 29, 2009

The Difference One Year Can Make

2009 Ridgewood Run 5/25/09
2009 Spring Lake 5 5/23/09
I did not sleep all that much last night. It wasn't my hot flashes or too much caffeine keeping me awake. It wasn't thinking about the upcoming Brooklyn 1/2 marathon on Saturday or making dinner for my girlfriends tonight either. No, it was more than that.

Last night I had the honor of attending the 2009 Gala for the Northside Children's Center at Cipriani's in NYC where they honored the CEO, Dave Snow, of my employer: Medco. Dave graciously accepted the award presented to him in honor of another - Victoria Rubino. Victoria was the 21 year old daughter of Medco's CFO, Rich Rubino. Victoria passed away recently in her sleep due to an undetected heart defect. She was a senior at my alma mater, Boston University.

It was this event that kept me awake. It was thinking about the loss the Rubino family had endured. It was realizing that 20 years ago, I too was a senior at BU. 20 years ago!!! Had you told me then that I would one day face cancer I would have laughed at you. As I drove into the event I thought about how I had been driving into the city a year earlier but for a much different reason - I was heading to NYU Medical Center to get my chemo port. As I tried to sleep last night, I wondered about how weird the world is and why we are given the path to follow that we do. I contemplated this past year and the fact that today marks one year since I started chemotherapy to combat the cancer detected in me. My mind raced all night as I tried to remember that chemical taste and lethargy that the drugs pumped into to caused. I thought about the fact that here I was one year later, attending a grand event looking a bit different but feeling wonderful. Amazing what can transpire in 365 days.

Yesterday I also heard from my oncologist's office that lab work I had done last week came back and my results were "perfect". In the big scheme of things, it really doesn't get any better than that.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ragnar Relay - New York

The Missing Winks
The Start

Twelve people. Two vans. 181.9 mile route from Kingston to the Bronx. Bright orange everywhere...that would be the Ragnar Relay!!!

Quite the experience! My team, "The Missing Winks" was comprised of myself, Jess, Denise and her husband Joel, my cousin Lisa, some Medco co-workers: Jim C., Jim S. and Sam as well as My neighbor Hank his friend Pat and Sam's friend Jessica. Special shout out to my husband Greg for being the designated rive of Van #1.

We started at Dietz Stadium in Kingston and ran our way down to Van Cortland Park in the Bronx. It took us about 26 hours. It was sunny and hot when we started and cool and overcast when we ended. I've a very patient bunch of friends. Me, I get pretty crabby when running in the hot sun without water. (poor planning on my part) I get even crabbier when I have to run in the pre-dawn darkness after sleeping for about two hours in a tent... I do admit I felt much better after running even if it was mostly uphill!

So why Ragnar? Why not? Had you said to me one year ago as I sat facing the start of chemotherapy, baldness, weakness, etc. that I would be running the streets of New Paltz at 10pm wearing a headlamp of all things as part of a relay that was 181.9 miles long, I would have told you that you were crazy. Now I am wondering just who is crazy enough to want to do the Reach the Beach relay in NH with me...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lehigh Valley 1/2 Marathon 5/3/09

I missed the Lehigh Valley 1/2 last year; I was sitting home with a drain coming out of my side pondering the bizarre path my life had just stumbled upon.

It was a great race - the day was cool and damp but not pouring down rain. The course was beautiful; we even crossed a covered bridge! There were different bands every two miles and "fan support" the entire race. I was joined by good friends (Jess, Denise and Joel, David and Dennis) and we all had a great dinner teh night before. Denise and I crossed the finish line together at 2 hours and 7 minutes (which you Facebook users already know!)

Next up - the 175 mile Ragnar Relay! BRING IT!!!