Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coming Up for Air

As spring slowly approaches here in Northern NJ, I am happy to report that as the last of the snow melts away and reveals the grass in my yard again, I too am becoming unburied, at least temporarily.  Last night I happily submitted my final project for the my first class towards my M.S. in Health Communications courtesy of Boston U.  My first class was Media Relations and I can honestly say I learned  A LOT!  For instance, I learned how different participating in a class online is from a traditional brick and mortar setting; I learned how much discipline it takes to sit home in front of my computer on a Friday evening reading lectures; I learned that my writing skills need more than a bit of polishing; and I learned that I am actually excited to move onto my next class as it means I am one step closer to the completion of my degree!

On a health front I am doing well.  I feel good, I have no immediate physician appointments to fret about, and I am doing that crazy running thing as often as possible - weather permitting! I ran the Hyannis Half Marathon this past weekend along with my fellow crazy runner Jess and my cousin Kristen.  Jess and I stayed at my Dad's.  My dad hosted a great pre-race dinner attended by my brothers Chris and Phil along with their families and my Uncle Frank, cousins Kenna and Kristen and some of their friends too.  It was great to see family; I was able to meet my new nephew Gavin, who I can say is incredibly adorable - not that I am biased or anything...
I am looking forward to rowing season starting; our first team meeting is next week.  I also will be beginning my Ironman training.  Greg and I are trying to take life day by day as it tends to speed by increasingly faster with each passing year.  For now, I get to take some deep breaths and stretch before diving back into total immersion and it feels pretty good.