Saturday, November 19, 2011

Whoa - where did that six weeks go?

Today is Saturday, November 19th and I am in major denial that this coming Thursday brings Thanksgiving and the official kick-off to the 2011 holiday season.  How the heck did that happen?

I guess I know - between my ethics and biology classes; the Halloween blizzard the resulted in us financing my tree guys winter vacation and a much sunnier yard; training my incredibly energetic now six month old black lab puppy; dancing with a NJ Housewife (Caroline, at a gala fundraiser for the Ramapo Bergen Animal Rescue); eating mud and diving into a dumpster full of ice water on a brisk November day in NJ (Tough Mudder 2011!); acting as co-race director for the inaugural Butler Turkey Trot 5K to be held Thanksgiving morning; and of course allowing for morning runs, kickboxing, a Pixies show, a Lykke Li show, helping to coordinate my department at work's holiday food drive and my company's overall holiday gift drive for children leaves me surprised it isn't January already!!!

Much breaking news in the world of breast cancer research this month too.  you may have heard the FDA revoked the approval of Avastin for treatment.  If you recall, I was involved in a study for this drug and received the placebo.  Yes, I am happy about that.  They have discovered how to overcome resistance to tamoxifen (Scientists-discover-mechanism-tamoxifen-resistance) and it looks like the smart folks at John Hopkins have discovered a pathway that could prove the beginning of the end for this disease.(breast-cancer-breakthrough-seen)  All things to be thankful for this 2011.

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!  I hope to post photos from race Thursday!!!