Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Madness

Queen: Don't Stop Me Now

Somehow February snuck by and left me wondering once again how is it that days can pass so quickly?  Perhaps it was the back to back 1/2 marathon weekends: one in Hampton, NH and the other in Hyannis, MA, that I ran with my cousin Kristen.  Or maybe it was the class I just finished with its weekly assignments, and exams.  Or could be the fact that my entire seasonal clock is off thanks the kindness Mother Nature has shown us this winter, or whatever season we just had. 

  That would be the sound of my hand hitting my head... I know what it was:  it was the visits to my oncologist, surgeon, ob/gyn, radiologist, cardiologist and dermatologist.  It was my mammogram, ultrasound, EKG, 24 hour holter monitor test, and three rounds of blood work.  It was the celebration of hearing "Normal","All good", and "See you next year"! Yes, February gave me peace of mind that I had made it to year number four and remained cancer free...oh, 2013 I cannot wait to welcome you!!!

I start class number eight of ten tomorrow.  I will walk in graduation in May and finish officially later this summer. Timing could not be better as my employer stands poised on the brink of one of the largest merger's in US history. I have spent much time reflecting on my next move and it seems I change my mind daily.  Thankfully I am able to go with the flow and after the past four years, I have learned that every day is a gift and that we might like to think we control our fate while what we truly control is how we overcome the challenges and celebrate the beauty that this life gives us. This year I am focused on appreciating the little things in life: the arrival of spring, the joy my nieces and nephews bring, the luxury of time once finished with my degree, good times with friends, the furry love of my Lab, and the love of my family.  (Sure, there are a few triathlons and road races in there too!)

We changed the clocks this morning so we will have sun until after 7pm tonight which can only mean summer is not that far away.  I close by quoting Queen's Freddie Mercury, "Don't stop me now, I'm havin' such a good time, I'm havin' a ball...."