Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 2013

Whoa!  October 7th?  All I can think of is the Talking Heads lyric, ..."and you may ask yourself, How did I get here"?

October is a month filled with much emotion for me.  This past Friday I celebrated my ten year wedding anniversary - amazing!!!  Ten years since that fun filled night in West Dennis.  Upon seeing a wedding photo from that night, my cousin Kristen, (who somehow is now 22, a college graduate with a "real" job) commented on how young Greg and I look.  I of course noted to her that she was 12 years old at our wedding...

October is also breast cancer awareness month and the world goes pink.  This year had particular importance because once Halloween arrives, I'll be done with Tamoxifen.  Yes... five years of taking that little white pill every morning is over.  I am officially a survivor.  I have been saying that for five years but now its real.  Do I breathe easier?  A bit... Mammogram appointment still induce stress dreams (my recurring nightmare: my hair falls out, but this time for no apparent reason or the other is I am awaiting test results that never arrive) but overall I move forward and promise to fight for a cure as even though each day I get farther away from my war with cancer; so many are still waging the battle.

So where have I been or what have I been doing?  Well... July and August were blissful, sun drenched months full of fun and house guests here on the Cape.  September brought the sale of our NJ cabin, and we are gearing up for the big move.  Oh, I love that little house... I wish we could transport it up here.

We hosted a Labor Day soiree and met our neighbors, I attended Jess's wedding shower and bachelorette party and I now look forward to her wedding at the end of the month.  October brought more family visits- my cousin Kristen and my in-laws, Greg Sr. and Jean.  Two incredibly fun filled weekends! The weather was amazing and we enjoyed spending time with everyone!  Today I ran the Cranberry Half Marathon with my awesome running partner Laura and her friend Jen,  - it was Laura's first half and she rocked it!  (Much love to my girls for sporting pink during our 13.1 journey!)  Next up I have trips to San Francisco and Maine to look forward to along with the 2013 Oysterfest.

Each morning I try to acknowledge the gift that this life has given me: the sunrises and sunsets, the warm snuggles from my Labs, the daily laughs and hugs my husband gives me, the phone calls with family near and far, a walk on the beach, a morning run with a partner to distract me from the miles we cover...I could go on and on, but I will not. Instead I will move a bit closer into the hollow of my husband's neck and pull my beautiful boy Neo onto my lab while Brandy dozes nearby, reveling in the quiet joy this Sunday evening brings me.  Happy Autumn all!