Monday, February 23, 2009

Another good doctor visit!

I am a bit sore today having completed the Hyannis 1/2 marathon yesterday. Strange thing is that just 3 months after chemo and radiation I clocked a better time than my 2008 performance in the same race; not quite sure what to make of that! My chip did not register my start but clocked my finish at 2:16. I even took a "restroom" break and the day was blustery but as I ran along Craigville Beach and the scent of the ocean hit me right in the face, all I could do was smile. I realized this is why I run. Not for a PR, not for the medal (well, maybe a little for the medal!) but to really see the world around me. I so enjoyed the course, seeing the beautiful homes, passing the Kennedy memorial and compound, running oceanside. It was a great day that culminated in a wonderful lunch at my brother Phil's home where we were joined by my brothers Chris and Nick along with my Dad and Linda as well. My niece Maia is getting so big! She is so beautiful, I'll post photos soon. Not sure who she favors, Phil or Jess.

Spent the day in the city today being poked and prodded and I am happy to say that all is well! No need to return until July for another follow-up and round 2 of Zometa. I can hardly believe that I am approaching the one year mark of my diagnosis. Aside from my latest 'do and my port scar, I am pretty much back to normal. I'll post photos shortly so you can all see my hair.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents Day 2009

It's Presidents Day 2009 and all I can think about is President Obama's mantra of "Change" and "Yes We Can" and how I had to get used to those ideas in 2008 on a very personal level!

February is now more than half way over as time marches onward. Each day that goes by causes me to marvel at how quickly the body can forget a time when it was in pain.

I say this as I have been feeling really good. I can't believe that as recently as this past October I was still undergoing chemo, still had my port, still feeling just not myself. This past weekend I ran 12 miles with Jess. We did not go really fast but we finished and I felt fine. (Well, aside from the aching legs and feet that 12 miles will cause!)

I look at my hair and realize most folks think I am being "edgy" by sporting a platinum blonde pixie. In fact, most people would probably never guess that just a few months ago I was bald, thinner (oh yes, my appetite came back!), and unable to run.

I want to be able to let other women going through similar circumstance know that they too can get through the hard times and come out in the end themselves again - almost. I say almost because cancer treatment does change you; it is different for all but everyone I have talked to who has gone through has been impacted in some way. Normal physical exams can take on ominous undertones, dates have new significance: "let's see, 9 months ago I got my port", and the little things in life, like decorating cupcakes on Valentine's Day with one niece and nephews become so important.

Sure, being on tamoxifen has its own unique set of challenges but I am dealing with them as best I can. Hint: I have given up caffeine (yes, that was fun...) and it has seemed to help. So I plod onward, keeping my fingers crossed every time I have a scan, running when I can and looking forward to spring.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Escaping Reality

This past weekend marked our third year of attendance at the New York Comicbook Convention. While not quite as grand as the San Diego convention, New York gets better and bigger every year.

Last year the NYCC was in April. Greg and I went just after I had a slew of scans done in preparation for my surgery. We were still reeling from my cancer diagnosis and basically walked around too numb to absorb the sights and sounds around us.

This year we were both feeling really good and were able to fully enjoy the chaos and clash of cultures that make the Cons so much fun! We saw the requisite storm troopers as you can see by the photos above but we also saw so many great artists, it is mind boggling. We were able to attend a panel discussion led by Michael Uslan, executive producer of all the Batman movies since 1989. The panel was entitled "Living Legends" - and he had Jerry Robinson there. Who is Jerry Robinson you ask? Most of you know I both Greg and I share little passion for the Dark Knight - Jerry Robinson is the creator of the Joker, Batman's most evil arch nemesis. It was pretty incredible to hear him talk about the inspiration for the character. He came up with him while a student at Columbia doing comics on the side. No one could have ever imagined the icon the Joker would become as Jerry sketched him that night in his dorm room.

We had a really good time except for the fact that my car died in Port Authority. And then we had to wait 4 hours for a tow truck. Said tow truck then died in the middle of Route 3 in front of Giants Stadium. I then spent some time in the back of a police car waiting for my brother to come rescue us. It sure is not comfortable back there! I am not sure I'll ever see my car again. I think it is in Rutherford somewhere...

I have a scheduled trip to the oncologist next week and I am looking forward to talking to her about my anxieties over every test and the impact Tamoxifen is having on my sleeping habits. Otherwise I am waiting for my favorite day of the year to arrive - yes, the day we set the clocks forward - woo hoo!