Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Arrives!!!

Summer arrived today along with Father's Day. However the summer solstice has been trumped this year by gray skies, cold temps, and so much rain that the waterfall behind my house as gone from a steady drone to mighty roar. We have not had a "HOT" day yet, everything is damp, and running outside is not all that much fun soaking wet.(Someone remind me of that when I am doing my 18 mile morning training runs in 90 degree weather and complaining about it!)

But - enough with the whining, there is much to be happy about these days. I am feeling great, my next mammogram is in July along with my next Zometa infusion. (Not looking forward to that so much). Based on my last round of bloodwork I am confident my mammo will be clear. I have Greg joining me in the chemo suite while I get my Zometa so at least I will be distracted and this time I know what to expect.

My garden is flourishing in this weather - you can see photos above. My cousin Kristen graduated as co-valedictorian of her high school, Pequannock Township High Class of 2009. She will be off to BU in September, another reason to visit Boston! We have three weddings this summer - all of which should be a lot of fun plus we will be spending time with my brother and his family at their vacation home along with making a few visits to my Dad's. With my dragonboat racing and running it looks to be a busy summer indeed; I tell everyone I am making up for the time I lost last year!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paddle for Pink

I think I may have mentioned that I have joined "Team SOS (Save our Sisters)", a dragonboat team comprised of breast cancer survivors. I attended my first race and we brought home a bronze medal. The day was beautiful and the event quite amazing. It was inspiring to see and meet so many powerful women, so many who are living with breast cancer in their lives; who refuse to give up, who are fighting back and proving that a breast cancer diagnosis may only by a speed bump in the road of life. I look forward to our next race in July!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I"M IN!!!

I learned yesterday that I was accepted via lottery into the 2009 ING NYC Marathon being held November 1st. (A mere 148 days away!) I will need to start "official training" on July 13th.

I found myself musing yesterday about training for this event in such a way that made me laugh to myself - "You can do this", I said to myself - "You made it through being bald, six months of chemo, daily early morning trips to NYC for radiation...what is 26.2 miles through the greatest city in the world?" Here is where I laughed for a realized that as I underwent treatment last year I used the marathon as my point of comparison; my guide to mile posts achieved. Funny how things can radically shift.

My next Zometa infusion is a few weeks away and already I am dreading it. I figure this time I know what I am up against and will hopefully feel more at home returning to the recliners of the treatment room where I went through chemo. On the bright side, it is my last one for 2009 - woo hoo!

Last weekend was so beautiful here in NJ. Greg and I spent Sunday in the Poconos, checking out the new Mount Airy Lodge, taking in the views at Camelback and enjoying drinks at the LHYC along with our friend Greg followed by dinner at a great find - Alice's Restaurant - which could be no further than the establishment I imagine everytime I hear the song of the same title! Photos above from our day!