Thursday, April 4, 2013

March Madness

Time travel would be a wonderful thing; if I was able to at least travel back and remember everything I did over the past six weeks I would probably find the time to have taken a moment to breathe, to reflect, to rejoice, to update my blog!!!

But then again -  while March was such a wonderful month, I prefer not to live in the past.  Now that I am FIVE YEARS CANCER FREE, how could I want to do anything but keep on moving???  Yessir, March started off great!  After visits with my radiologist, surgeon, oncologist and a lovely digital squeeze, I kicked the month off with the great news that I had hit the coveted five year mark.  I admit it was somewhat anti-climatic, I am not sure what I expected, maybe high fives, a little fanfare...but what I got was the shift to "annual" visits to all of my docs rather than bi-annual.  Since I am currently residing in MA, this actually is no small thing.  I still need a bone scan but those I will always need to monitor the impact of my treatment protocol.

So only a few more months of Tamoxifen and this chapter of my life will close.  I cannot stamp "The End" on this story because until there is a cure, I will continue to fight.  Too many friends have had to trod upon the same path I walked and it makes me sad and angry.  How is it that we can have things like the just this morning announced Apple TV "finger remote" or the ability to find the nearest happy hour in a city we may be visiting for vacation via a small handheld smartphone but we cannot rid the world of the beast that is breast cancer?  Uh, priorities people???  I will not even get on my soap box about how technology is making us lazy - that is an entirely different blog post!

March also brought a trip to Kleinfeld's where a BFF bought her dream dress.  A wonderful day of girly fun that my mom was also able to enjoy with me.  So great to be able to turn a trip filled with medical appointments into something fun.

I started "teaching" in March; I am currently facilitating a class for my alma mater, BU.  I have a totally newfound respect for teachers.  Grading my first round of papers was a major undertaking but I have so enjoyed working with the students.  While only facilitating, it is amazing the amount of time it takes... yes, another excuse for somehow losing track of the month of March.

March also brought Greg and I to Paris along with three of my besties who each brought along a teen.  A whirlwind weekend we had a blast seeing the city in the eyes of the kids who were so great and so funny.  I am not sure how my friends could possibly be old enough to have such mature children but I will say I was so proud of what wonderful people my friends have "created".  We were fortunate to visit the Louvre and view a the original painting for the 1977 Star Wars poster created by Greg's dad and uncle.  A true treat, the collection's owner and curator treated us like royalty and gave us a wonderful tour.  We ended our trip with a visit to the uber touristy Moulin Rouge where we all had a wonderful time.

In between all this good stuff we dealt with snow practically every weekend and I worried about having a "white Easter"but we had a lovely weekend of  coloring eggs with family, a visit to Beantown to spend time with more family and a great Easter Sunday.  Blessed I am indeed.

Suddenly it is April and there are many good things to come! Look for my next post about a great event being planned in NYC this July.  Check out  I'll be there, I am putting together a team, won't you join me???

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